How to Challenge a VA Exam (C&P Exam)

1:38 What is a VA exam and when do they happen in the VA claims process?
2:05 VA’s Duty to Assist
2:57 What happens at a C&P exam? What are C&P examiners looking for?
4:49 What are the differences between a physical condition exam and a mental condition exam?
7:30 How much weight do VA adjudicators give C&P exams in the adjudication process?
8:47 Can veterans get a copy of their exam results? How?
9:13 Can veterans request their examiners qualifications? How?
10:35 How to know if your exam opinion was favorable or unfavorable
12:49 How to challenge an unfavorable C&P exam
13:27 Final thoughts and things to remember

Source: Youtube