How to deal with PTSD, nutrition & medical advice & lots more

14.10.19 – EP041

We hear the story of Anisha Gangotra who was involved in a severe car accident that affected her both physically and mentally. One of the things that affected Anisha after the accident was PTSD so Dr Audrey Tang our Psychologist explains this condition. News Correspondent Helena Chard brings your positive reports in this week’s A Helping of Happy and recently we showed you how to be kind to your gut by making fermented foods such as sauerkraut. But there are lots more things that can be fermented so we go back to the Fermentarium to show us how to work the same magic with lemons.
We also have Dr Rob Hicks answering your medical questions including one about a concerned viewer whose hair is breaking and falling out. And we also have our nutritionist Hannah Richards to show us an easy and healthy recipe.
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