How to Deal with Stress & Anxiety BRAIN FOG // Overstressed & Mentally Overwhelmed Hack!

Can’t think 100% sometimes? When we feel overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, panic, YOU NAME IT, we can experience something called BRAIN FOG. We’ve ALL experienced it, some more than others. Either way, it’s always frustrating, especially when we try to cut through & nothing seems to work!

I’ve had some EXTRA brain fog this week due to some extra stress & LUCKILY I had this hack to turn to. It’s a great How-to-Hack for when you‚Äôre mentally overwhelmed, want to stop brain fog, & regain mental clarity.

Plus! It’s a great MULTI-HACK for many of the overloading emotions we can sometimes, or a LOTTA times, feel ūüėČ

Are you ready to reign over your Stress & All the Things & increase your health-esteem?

Yay! Me, too 💋

About The Channel: Welcome my Courageous Friend! Here, we discussed REIGNING over your life, CONQUERING what’s holding you back, and living life in VICTORY using stress & anxiety (& everything in between) hacks that are CUSTOMIZABLE to YOU! ❤️

A lil’ bit about me: Hey there! I’m an actress & speaker living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & the stuff that comes with it. I am NOT a healthcare professional or a mental healthcare professional. I’m an EXPERT in my own situation & what works for me. My hope is that by sharing all of the tips & tricks I use that they will help you NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE just like they’ve helped me & so many others :***


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*You’re NEVER alone- Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

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