How to deal with stress/depression/PTSD part 2

Why depression?
When you receive a shock, for any reason and you think that’s depression. No it’s not it is actually Post Traumatic Stress Disorder P.T.S.D. It is a mental disorder in which you tend to recall the incident which occurred in the past and it haunts you. So the solution is simple, you have to make your present so beautiful that you forget your painful past adn this can be done by indulging in a hobby, vacation or whatever you want so automatically you can overcome P.T.S.D. There is a difference between PTSD and Depression i.e. PTSD is past dependent and depression is future dependent. When a person is depressed they loose the hope for the future, like for example if you feel hopeless for your career then it’s simple what you can do is COMPARISON. Yes, comparing yourself with others of your field is called Positive Comparison because it gives you inspiration whereas negative comparison gives an output which is jealousy. And this will result in motivation and hope towards achieving your goals you desire. If you give hope to a depressed person you are giving them a lifeline.

Source: Youtube