How To End The Self-Sabotage Cycle And Heal Past Trauma (Vlog #2)- Dustin Strong

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In this video you will learn powerful techniques for overcoming procrastination and how to deal with trauma. This video is dedicated to those of you who have issues with self-sabotage self-esteem who suffer from ptsd who just want to heal past trauma and get on with your Life. You will learn the ENERGETICS of trauma energy and finally have the simple understanding you need to break the self-sabotage cycle caused by post traumatic stress. From an energetic level you will understand what causes self-sabotaging behavior and how that ties into past TRAUMA and you will know how to heal through this awareness which will empower your ptsd recovery in ways that traditional therapy doesn’t seem to offer. I go to the core of the issue and teach you how to take control of your own thoughts and energy. I give the powerful understanding and principles that can fast track your healing process starting NOW and transform your Life in the most meaningful and fulfilling way possible.

Just Keep The Fire Burning!
~Dustin Strong

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