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I was told to get a medical exam when I was discharged. I blew it off. 15 years later I came to Va couldn’t get an ID card, finally got a VSO and got 10%. 8 years later I brought my prescriptions to my VSO and got up to 60%. Last year I hired VACI and got 100%. I was missing a diagnosis for PTSD this whole time.

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition of mental and emotional stress resulting from injury or severe psychological shock. This event can also be referred to as stressors. Stressors, according to the VA, can be a traumatic event from exposure to death, threatened death, or severe injury. These can be anything from reliving the event, to avoiding situations that remind you of the event, having negative feelings to the world around you, or feeling keyed up.

Many times, PTSD conditions do not begin to surface on the battlefield. These conditions sometimes arise years after leaving active duty which makes them more difficult to prove. On top of that, PTSD claims require a lot of proof to prove you actually possess the condition.

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While PTSD VA rating statistics vary, it is estimated that veterans are FOUR times (4x) as likely to have PTSD compared to those who didn’t serve in the military.
A veteran’s PTSD VA rating is determined by their level of occupational and social impairment over time.
This subjective assessment is made by the VA Rater or RVSR, who reviews all your military personnel records, service treatment records, VA medical records, private medical records, personal statements, buddy letters, and the results of your C&P exam for PTSD to determine your final VA rating for PTSD.
If you believe your suffering from PTSD you NEED to go get help and get it diagnosed.
Visit and let our VA Claims Experts guide you through the entire process.

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