How To Get Your VA Rating Code Sheet To Check For Routine Future Exams

Here is what your rating code sheet will look like. Look for the seal behind the text. This will tell you if your disabilities are considered static and if you have routine future exams.

The rating code sheet is essentially a blueprint of each veteran’s claim and payment history with the VA. If your VA rating decision does not include a rating code sheet, you may request a copy of the code sheet by personally going to your assigned regional office to request a copy.

The Codesheet is a document that goes along with the rating decision. It is considered a work product and is not sent to the veteran with the award notification letter. Your VSO gets a copy of the notification letter and the codesheet.

The code sheet is not posted on the website and this is something you will get when you request your VA claims file via FOIA request. You can also ask your VSO to tell you what it says or print you off a copy if you don’t want to wait a year for it to arrive on CD Rom.

Source: Youtube