How to handle PTSD and "that dark place…"

A reader of Fearvana recently asked me “how do you apply your approach to help get you out of that dark place and help with your PTSD?”

Here is my answer…

It addresses the fundamental flaw in our approach to mental health and mental well being.

Not everyone is going to like my response and I wouldn’t be surprised if it confronts a few people. But the fact of the matter is, in the battleground of life, THIS is how you fight the demons…

I repeat certain points very intentionally in this video. Don’t just watch it, USE IT!

I hope you find this valuable, and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any follow up questions.

I know what it’s like to be consumed by the darkness, and I know how hard it is, but I assure you there is a way out into the light, no matter how dark things may be right now.

Remember… The greater your demons, the greater the divinity required to rise above them.

Stay strong and keep fighting my friend.

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