How to Heal from Trauma| Dr. Joe Dispenza on PTSD, & Anxiety and EMDR therapy

If you are currently being affected by trauma, PTSD, or anxiety… this video can help you in the healing process and in overcoming trauma.

What is Trauma? Dr Joe Dispenza explains and teaches us how we can rewire our brain to overcome trauma and other mental barriers. EMDR therapy, mindfulness, and other techniques are explained by who is considered to be the number one expert on how the brain works and how we can rewire it to reclaim our mental wellness.

Trauma is not so much the event but more about the experience of the individual who encountered the event. . This channel will consist of real tools you can all use to heal and better your life. Turn on notifications on YouTube so I can give everyone the same resources that saved me 🙏🏼use this channel and it’s content, I ensure you that it will help if applied 💪🏼👊🏼

Source: Youtube