How to Heal Your Body after Trauma & PTSD – Interview with Ewa from SoulGPS

What’s the ideal diet after a traumatic experience or if you suffer from PTSD?

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In this interview with Eva from SoulGPS we talk about how important it is to take care of your body after experiencing trauma or prolonged periods of stress. There are simple ways to start healing your body as well as bringing more stability in your life.

We about how important it is to use this time as an opportunity to not only detox from toxic relationships but also a toxic lifestyle and diet and get a full-spectrum upgrade.


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Ewa is a Polish-American writer, independent researcher, and transformational coach focused on helping people heal from narcissistic abuse. In her coaching practice, she draws from her decade-long experience in holistic healing, yoga, meditation, nutrition and movement, as well as psychology research to help clients reconnect with their True Self after having experienced familial, relationship and vocational abuse. She teaches worldwide workshops and retreats.


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