How To Help Rescue Children From Sexual Abuse

Please Donate Here: Shayoon Mendeluk of The LightForce Center™ shares her intimate story of the attempted kidnapping of her 2-year-old son, and how the trauma of that incident has helped her find a new purpose to help save children from the horrific reality of child sex trafficking and sexual abuse, but most importantly, how you can help save these innocent children too.

We have partnered with The Child Rescue Coalition, an incredible non-profit that helps rescue children and prosecute child predators.

To date, The Child Rescue Coalition has helped prevent the abuse of over 600,000 children worldwide and have arrested over 2,500 child abuse offenders.

Our goal is to help raise money to place their technology in law enforcement hands, for free, so they can continue to train and equip law enforcement to save more children.

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100% of your donations go to developing, implementing, and training the law enforcement officials who use this powerful technology along with creating care packages for the children to comfort them in the law enforcement vehicles once immediately rescued.

Source: Youtube