How to help veterans and getting your sh*t together with Eric Sowers

Eric Sowers is a Veteran that has chosen to dedicate his life to helping other Veterans in need. In our Episode he discusses how he prefers to use PTSG instead. Post Traumatic GROWTH. To train you mind into growing from the experience instead of suffering. He was a normal kid who grew up on the Westside of Columbus that found himself in a lot of legal trouble as an adult. Especially after coming home from serving in Afghanistan. He talks about that transition & the hardships of readjusting back into civilian life. And how he has went from someone with severe Social Anxiety to now being labeled “The Professional Mingle’er”. Nowadays he uses his tattoos, long hair, & beard not only to brand himself but also to let the Vets he helps know he’s one of them. He says “The Best thing that happened in my life was going to jail” and he now uses that as a springboard for his desire to extend his knowledge & reach to the community he’s looking to serve. He has Interned for Congressman Steve Stivers & has plans to “one day walk into the oval office with a PHD & say we need to help these people”(Veterans) .

I loved getting to know Eric on a lot more personal level. He’s an awesome Father who is constantly working to become a better man & statesman everyday. Give this Episode a listen & go support him & his causes any way you can.

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Source: Youtube