How to Overcome PTSD | Combat Faith | The Honorable Allen B. Clark

This video tells my true-life story of how I lost both of my legs in Vietnam, suffered for years from PTSD, and was able to conquer PTSD in the end. I hope my story helps you or someone you know who is suffering from PTSD, even if the PTSD is not from a war experience.

Summary: Vietnam veteran Allen Clark was wounded on June 17, 1967, at Dak To Special Forces camp in the Central Highlands area of South Vietnam. A mortar/rocket attack by North Vietnamese Army troops at 4:30am caused two of twenty five Americans to be killed and nine others wounded, one of whom was Military Intelligence officer Captain Clark, who was involved in a covert assignment in the camp.

Clark was severely wounded and both legs were eventually amputated below his knees. Miraculously, Green Beret Combat Medic Jimmy Hill was able to do treat Clark immediately and saved his life. (The details of the extent of his wounds was recalled by Hill and subsequently forwarded to Clark).

Then began fifteen months in an Army hospital, which included fourteen weeks in a closed psychiatric ward. Clark left the hospital, received an advanced degree (MBA) from Southern Methodist University, and after several years of psychotherapy with heavy anti-depressants, in the mid 1970s, a life-changing spiritual incident occurred in a church service.

He was able to shake the debilitating emotional and soulful aspects of his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He has gone forward and his life has been dedicated mainly in public service at the state level in Texas and at the national level at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C. He has had many opportunities on both a personal level and on a broader scale at groups on military bases to tell about his healing story from his personal Christian perspective.

This video tells his story of almost dying in war to living victoriously in a rich life afterwards.

Source: Youtube