How to Prove Your 30% PTSD VA Disability Rating

PTSD is a very common disability claim among Veterans and is among the Easiest Claims to WIN and a 30% PTSD Rating is one of the most common awards for Veterans that have PTSD ratings.

23.7% of all VA compensation claim recipients that suffer from PTSD have a 30 percent PTSD rating.

All persons filing for a disability claim for PTSD must fit the PTSD rating criteria within the law, which is based on their level of Occupational and Social impairment.

The way VA determines if you are going to get a VA PTSD 30 rating all comes down to the severity of your symptoms and your social and occupational impairment. One of the main reasons that Veterans win their 30% PTSD ratings comes down to the rating criteria which states that the veteran has reduced reliability and productivity in various areas of their work and social life.


Occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity due to such symptoms as:

Flattened affect

Circumstantial, circumlocutory, or stereotyped speech

Panic attacks more than once a week

Difficulty in understanding complex commands

Impairment of short- and long-term memory

Impaired judgment

Impaired abstract thinking

Disturbances of motivation and mood

Difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships.

It is crucial that you understand what VA is looking for, your symptoms will determine your 30 VA mental health rating or you might end up with a 10 VA mental health rating if your symptoms don’t bother as much. On the flip side of the coin, you could end up with a 50 VA mental health rating if your symptoms are worse. The VA raters have the ability to give you something higher or lower PTSD VA rating depending on how they view the medical evidence that you submitted with your VA claim for PTSD.


(1) When evaluating PTSD, the rating agency shall consider the Frequency, Severity, and Duration of Psychiatric Symptoms, the Length of Remissions, and the Veteran’s Capacity for Adjustment during periods of remission.

The rating agency shall assign an evaluation based on all the evidence of record that bears on Occupational and Social Impairment rather than solely on the examiner’s assessment of the level of disability now of the examination.

(2) When evaluating the level of disability for PTSD, the rating agency will consider the Extent of Social Impairment buT SHALL NOT assign an evaluation solely on the basis of social impairment.

A 30 percent disability rating for PTSD is easy to win if you can provide the right medical evidence. Get with our team and we will show you how to assemble YOUR OWN winning VA claim.

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