How to relax and refresh your mind if you suffer from #PTSD. This goes out #ToEveryVeteranEverywhere

Welcome to the Brand New Channel, completely dedicated #ToEveryVeteranEverywhere. I’m Richie Skaggs with #SongsForVeterans.
We make positive Morale Boosting Music and Videos to help ease the struggles some Veterans and Service Members go through, on a daily basis.

Since the beginning of the Global Pandemic, it has put serious restraints upon our Recording Studio, and we haven’t had much going on, whatsoever, like so many others.
It’s difficult to achieve any progress during these trying times of Social Distancing and non-gatherings in any sort of in person social group. We decided to turn all our efforts toward helping Suicidal Veterans who suffer with PTSD. 
We make positive, uplifting Music and Videos, with hopes to help Veterans feel special and needed during their trying times of life after War and traumatic events during their Military Career.

We celebrate them here now, not just us as working Musicians. We work for THEM now.
We have completely dedicated this entire #OfficialArtistChannel​, to all American Veterans and Service Members past present and future. We do this for ALL OF YOU.

We hope any Veteran can find peace and solace while enjoying the Video and Music provided here.
If you’re a Veteran, we want to THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.
If you know any American Veterans who would like to see this Video we made in their honor, please forward this Video to them so they can see it.
We understand the hardships that some Veterans experience after coming home, to the states. The daily, I’ll type that again, …THE DAILY… Military Suicide rate is 50% Higher than the National Average, that is horrifying and totally sickening to say the very least.

It hurts all of us to know that some precious #Veterans​ survived a War and more, only to come back home and die by their own hand. !Unacceptable!
That’s raw pain. That’s raw sadness and that needs to STOP. We hope we can do a small part in bringing Joy and Peace to any American Veteran with music and videos.
Please bare with us on the Channel, we hope to be able to bring more content with Videos and Music in the future for our FINE AMERICAN #VETERANS​.

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Thank you so much for being here and giving our New Channel a fighting Chance. Please do your part, if you’re able, to Chip in for the #SongsForVeterans​ Program.
God Bless you and yours, God bless our GREAT Country and God Bless our #Veterans​.

Shout out to these fine people and Organizations for their Patriotism and Love for Veterans.
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