How to Remove Negative Thoughts & Feelings| NLP| Distance Dissociation Technique|Dr Saim Hindi| Urdu

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In this video Dr. Saim has explained how to eliminate or remove bad feelings such as grief, panic attack, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety by using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Technique Distance Dissociation. He practically demonstrated this technique.
He asked the volunteer chose a bothering situation or bad event from your past. Close your eyes and replay this siutation as though it is happening right now and notice your bad feelings. When you got bad feelings then open your eyes. Again close your eyes and replay the same situation as though you are sitting in theater and watch a movie of the situation at the distance of 10 feet and repeat it number of times. Again watch a movie at the distance of 20 feet number of times. Lastly watch a movie at the distance of 30 feet number of times. Notice change in your feelings. Amazingly his bad feelings were changed in few minutes. NLP is a powerful technology.
What is NLP? To organize the verbal and non-verbal languages to produce desired result in your life and as well as lives of others. It can be used in Personal Development, Professional Development and Resolve Emotional Problems, Sports, Management, Education, Health, Business, Sales, Customer service, Communication skills and so on.

Dr. Saim is the pioneer who introduced Neuro Linguistic Programming in National Language Urdu in form of books and various training courses. While transforming he followed ethical, religious, traditional and environmental boundaries, so that the common man can easily apply this technology to get Happiness, Physical and mental Health, Prosperity, strong relationships, develop self-confidence and Success in life.

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