How to Sleep Fast * Day – 16 * Sleep Challenge for 30 Days

How to Sleep Fast * Day – 16 * Sleep Challenge for 30 Days

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30-Day Sleep Challenge Day – 16

Get Morning Sunlight and You’ll Sleep Better

Getting morning sunlight can help you sleep better at night. That might not seem to make any sense. However, there’s evidence that it’s true, especially if you have a circadian rhythm disorder. That’s because of numerous factors, including:

1) Body temperature, because sunlight can warm you up
2) Morning production of the stress hormone cortisol
3) Increases in the level of the hormone serotonin, which is important to sleep

How Light Helps

Light is the principal control of our day-night cycle, influencing everything from body temperature to metabolism to sleep. Without it, our bodies will run on a pattern determined by our genetics (called tau).

Light Therapy

Light therapy, also called phototherapy, has been studied in relation to numerous medical conditions, including:

Circadian rhythm disorders
Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson disease
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Morning Light Therapy

For most people, exposure to sunlight is most beneficial if it occurs in the morning just after waking, typically within the first hour after crawling out of bed.

It’s best to spend between 30 and 45 minutes getting direct sunlight exposure into your eyes. Don’t wear a sun visor or sunglasses. Sunlight filtered through a windowpane may not have the same effect.

If you are concerned about the effects on your skin, you can wear sunscreen. Typically, though, the sunlight is somewhat less intense in the morning, which means it poses less risk of damaging your skin. Use your best judgment in determining what level of protection is necessary for you.

Important Aspects of Light Exposure
Follow these guidelines:

Within an hour of waking
30-45 minutes
No sunglasses, visors
Direct light, not through glass
Sunscreen use isn’t a problem

Working it into Your Day

A great way to get morning sun exposure is by going for a walk since you’re also getting physical activity. Alternatively, you can sit on the patio while reading the morning newspaper or having breakfast, as long as the light is hitting your eyes directly.

What if the day is overcast with clouds? Even when filtered through clouds or rain, the sunlight will continue to have its effect.

Keeping a regular schedule, with a consistent wake time coupled with exposure to sunlight as part of a morning walk, is an extremely helpful combination. These scenarios are ideal and won’t fit into everyone’s life, every day, all year ’round. Look for ways practical ways to consistently work light therapy into your routine.


A great thing about light therapy is that it can be an effective treatment that doesn’t require a prescription, an appointment, or if you use the sun, a co-pay.

If you are struggling to sleep well at night, especially with insomnia or a circadian rhythm disorder, try regularly exposing yourself to morning sunlight. You may find that your sleep and daytime function improve significantly, and that can have a big positive impact on your life.


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