How to Spiritually Heal Trauma and PTSD – Dr. Erin Extra

How to Spiritually Heal Trauma and PTSD – Dr. Erin Extra. In this video, Dr. Erin talks about how to Spiritually Heal Trauma and PTSD. Everyone goes through trauma and has a heart that could use a lesson in how to heal and anyone who has experienced a significant psychological shock can have some form of PTSD. Dr. Erin helps us learn how to begin the healing process in this AMAZING video.

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How to heal trauma and ptsd…

Whether you have gone through war, a car accident, been sexually abused or have experienced any trauma in your life this video is for you. Majority of people have experienced trauma. PTSD is a gradient and extreme case of the effects of a traumatic incident or incidents.

The first step to spiritually healing is acknowledging the blessing of the response of the body to environments that are not in alignment with our truth and what we desire to experience in this lifetime.

Secondly, we must awaken to the truth that our consciousness is creating the experiences we have and literally are creating them into existence. Yes, we are effected by our environments and we get to choose what environments we put ourselves into. From a spiritual perspective we have chosen certain situations, families and circumstances for our spiritual growth.

Next, we have to declare within our mind that we choose to heal and live a powerful life of peace and harmony. This declaration is received into the Law of Love and reflected back to us, propelling us into action.

Next, we may find professional or spiritual help to aid in this process. Spiritual Mind Treatment, Meditational Contemplative Practices, Cognitive Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and many more.

Bottom line, there is only one Source of Healing and it is YOU! Your higher-Self revealing and reclaiming the truth of who you are. The same energy that created the trauma is the same energy that has created miracles. It is in the use of our powers where we are set free!

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Disclosure: I am not a medical doctor and this video is in no way a cure to any disease. I am a spiritual practitioner teaching spiritual principles.

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