How to stop being anxious (How to stop worry and anxiety)

Putting a stop to anxiety in our lives will clear out a lot of mental and emotional space, so we can feel loved and be loving towards others!

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I was about 27 when I first heard the word “anxiety” from my husband, and the reality that it’s not normal. Growing up, the expression in Romanian was “you have emotions / nerves.” It was kinda shocking to me, since that’s just how I experienced life and interactions with people. But in Romania there was no such thing as “mental health.” You either coped, or you were institutionalized and called names.

I eventually got diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and social phobia (next level anxiety) when I was 35, because of my childhood traumas. I finally got to go to therapy, but things were getting worse for me. And in a moment of despair, I turned to God, and He came running into my life!

I (finally) discovered what’s in the Bible, and the reality that Jesus not only commands us not to be anxious, but He also teaches us how exactly and practically to do that. And in this video, I share the exact things I did, which Jesus teaches us, which then led to my total healing from my social phobia. I am free indeed today, and you can be too! Jesus is the Way!

I hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful, and I hope it encourages you to start emptying out your love tanks of anxiety today! Because getting rid of emotional garbage such as anxiety will help us to not only be able to feel loved by others in whatever love language they may be speaking, but it will help us to be able to be more loving towards them in all the love languages!

God bless you, abundantly!! ❤

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