How To Win Your PTSD Claim without Diagnosis (Don't Fall for this common Grift!)

0:00 Introduction
0:15 How to win a PTSD claim without a diagnosis
0:57 What to do when VA tells you you don’t have PTSD
2:25 Are mental health VA claims this restrictive?
3:09 Vietnam veteran cannoneers case law examples | Blue Water veteran examples
4:09 Military Sexual Trauma and PTSD | MST and PTSD
5:10 Acquired Psychiatric Disorder vs. PTSD
5:59 VA is supposed to look at your mental health issues if you come forward with a claim
7:00 We’re seeing Judges at the Board (BVA) granting benefits for “acquired psychiatric disorder” and not just PTSD. Some vets can’t prove their stressor but have plenty of evidence.
8:57 Real case example with PTSD and depression diagnoses

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Speakers in clockwise order
Kerry Baker – Marine Veteran and Sr. VA Accredited Agent
Matthew Hill – Managing Partner and Attorney
Carol Ponton – Founding Partner and Attorney

Source: Youtube