Hypnotherapy For Anxiety, CPTSD & Complex Trauma

Hypnotherapist Mark Stubbles discusses how hypnotherapy helped him overcome anxiety, CPTSD, build self esteem and confidence.

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Hello, my name is Mark and I am an award winning hypnotherapist, master practitioner of NLP and mindfulness, life coach. I have qualifications in CBT and EFT.

As someone who grew up with a lot of dysfunction I know how it feels to experience anxiety, flashbacks, emotional dysregulation, I know how it feels to struggle to form relationships.

I isolated myself which made my issues worse, I tried counselling which wasn’t that helpful. I found hypnotherapy to be a very effective way of overcoming my issues with CPTSD and inner child. Particularly inner child healing hypnotherapy.

I decided to learn hypnotherapy so I could help other people overcome anxiety and inner child issues. If you would like to find out more schedule a time with me via my website, https://anxietyhypnotherapist.org/

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I look forward to speaking to you and becoming part of your success story.

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