Hypnotherapy For Confidence | Overcoming Anxiety and PTSD | Guided Visualization | 320Hz Sound

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I am Chaitanya, a UK registered/licensed clinical psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, EMDR/trauma and past life regression therapist and have practiced for 10 years. Many of my clients benefit from the hypnotherapy I do with them in sessions, which is why I created these metaphorical visualizations for everyone to access at any time.

If you suffer from anxiety, PTSD or trauma and abuse of any kind (be that childhood abuse, psychological abuse, relationships abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse) these hypnotherapy, guided visualisation grounding exercises can help you feel more peaceful, calm and relaxed.

I am using 320 hertz frequency sound by Medatative Minds which is a very powerful and healing sound vibration. The 320Hz sound vibration is the same frequency as the solar plexus energy centre in the body, which is the root of the nervous system. When trauma is experienced, the prana in that energy centre becomes disturbed, causing hyper-sensitiveity and the array of anxiety/PTSD like symptoms. So healing with this sound can heal the rest of the body’s nervous system response.

Just like how yoga and meditation can help the body heal through relaxation and breath work, hypnotherapy is about accessing the subconscious mind, through deep trance and strengthening one’s internal resources.

I hope you find these relaxing and strengthing and know that whatever you have been through in life, can be overcome. Have faith and keep using whatever negative experiences you have been through, to grow and evolve your consciousness.

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Take care!

Chaitanya Lila.

Photo: from pexabay.
Sounds: Meditative Minds, 320Hz Solar Plexus Chakra Healing.
Voice over – me.

Hypnotherapy For Confidence | Overcoming Anxiety and PTSD | Guided Visualization | 320Hz Sound
link to video: https://youtu.be/9spdu8QsvqQ

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