Hypnotist speaks out about US Capitol brainwashing commit violent acts, mind programming, influence.

We are all being influenced by something, someone, ourselves, the media, politics, television, events, belief systems, religion, laws, others, because brainwashing is influencing. What is going on in America and around the world is subtle and in your face persuasion by influence and triggering emotional action and reaction. You have got to watch what I have to say on this topic. I’m Tom Silver hypnotist and our minds are bombarded everyday with influence, subtle and aggressive persuasion tactics that have been formulated and perfected by our society, friends, enemies, government, parents, and others. Here are the facts now.
Current Practice
For the past 30 years, Tom Silver has been a certified hypnotherapist with a private practice in Westlake Village, and now Ojai Hypnotherapy. He specializes in fear and phobia removal, habit control, stress and anxiety elimination, smoking cessation, weight control, confidence and motivation and , focus and concentration, sleep deprivation elimination, regression therapy, anger management, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and alcoholism and addiction removal.
Professional Achievements
Founder of:
1985 Tom Silver Institute of Scientific and Clinical Hypnotherapy—created to further the advancement of scientific neurological hypnotherapy
1995 Pioneered the therapeutic hypnosis method, Emotion Replacement Therapy (E.R.T.) ® which is a process of producing low brain wave frequency states, enabling access to the subconscious mind to delete and desensitize the emotional impact of various mental and psychosomatic disorders and to reinstall positive emotions and habits.
1995 EEG Hypnosis Institute ®— utilizing EEG technology as it pertains to brain wave frequency observations and their relationship to various levels and depths of hypnosis receptibility, this institute furthers the study of brain wave frequency and amplitude states referencing Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta
2005 Hypnosis Foundation—advancing scientific hypnotherapy techniques and pioneering new methods of interactive hypnosis induction methods via stimulation of the central nervous system to quickly bi-pass conscious resistance and altering brain wave frequencies and amplitudes, creating the most receptive states of hypnosis. Provides certifications for trainings of hypnotherapists world-wide based on brain wave frequency training, advanced hypnotherapy methods, and hypnotherapy safety. Specialized training includes techniques for fear and phobia removals, habit control, regression hypnotherapy, sleep deprivation disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, addiction removal, E.R.T. (Emotion Replacement Therapy) EEG brain wave frequency measurement and analysis, rapid and physical inductions, specialized deepening techniques, and more.
2009 Neurophysiology Institute— nonprofit organization providing an academic and scientific forum for studies in the physiological, biological, and psycho- somatic effects of neurophysiological therapy, E.R.T (Emotion Replacement Therapy), EEG therapy and other therapies that can further the benefits of natural healing to mankind

Tom Silver
Brought the Science of Hypnosis to Taiwan between the years of 1994 and 1999 conducting lectures, demonstrations, and seminars throughout the country, appeared on various national Taiwan television programs, lectured for the Olympics Association, the Taiwan Police Academy, the Buddhist Association, and worked with the Taiwan Department of Defense. In 1999, created the first hypnosis program for the Taiwan Government to help Taiwan military soldiers and civilians overcome emotional trauma pertaining to a natural disaster (earthquake) which occurred in September of 1999. The program was entitled Reborn from Disaster, produced by the Taiwan Government, and was given away for free.
Between 1996 and 1999, conducted a number of specialized hypnosis training courses, seminars, and workshops at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California. Trainings included fear and phobia removal, rapid instant and unexpected shock induction methods, and specialized hypnosis deepening techniques.
Tom Silver has appeared on many national television and radio shows in the USA and Taiwan demonstrating the positive long-term and often instant effects of hypnotherapy.
Author of:
How to Book of Hypnotism (co-authored by Dr. Ormond McGill)
Hypnosis Training and Techniques Manual (co-authored by Dr. Ormond McGill)
The Big Questions of How to Hypnosis (printed in Mandarin Chinese for Asian market, written by Tom Silver, Ormond McGill, and interpreter Timothy Huang)
How to Book of Forensic Hypnosis Investigation, Solving Crimes with Hypnosis

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