I have an illness I have Depression PTSD & Anxiety

Many thanks for clicking on this video.

It’s taken alot of thought and worry about making this video.

It’s something I have wanted to share for years but finding the courage took some deep digging and balls.

I’m Austin I have an illness that affects me myself and my mind.

I have depression PTSD & anxiety.

This video my help someone you know or help you to understand me and the reasons to why I may appear to be different on occasions

If you know someone with depression then please take a few moments to research the illness and it’s symptoms

My illness like many others who suffer is complexed.

For help with depression please please see your doctor first who will help you and give you the best medical advice and will diagnose your illness

Medication helps me and it’s something you do not want to forget to take or randomly stop taking as it can leave you in a dark place.

For help and support there are many charitable organisations that will support you.

Below are links to some great support groups




Thank you for taking the time to video my video

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