I have P.T.S.D || Post Traumatic Stress Disorder || explaining mine

Hey friend and family as you already know I deal with ptsd, and for those of you who don’t know you know, I’ve worked very hard over the past few years and I started this channel for my children and those who love me so they can understand my life a bit more, and it’s sucky to say but the things I do in my life I have to do them with living with this but the good thing is I’ve overcame so much and have learned to live with this only those close to me know my struggles and I wanted to share because I always felt alone in a lot of things but when I made this YouTube it was for two reason my children to see what I’ve overcame and how our life flows the way it does because behind scenes it takes a strong women, mother, wife and (Me) to make it flow just right and when things didn’t flow the way they were suppose to instead of not understand now as my kids become adults this would help them better understand how hard I worked just to feel normal and not let it control and take over my life because I’m the end I created

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