I Just Found Out He Cheated (Why He Did It) | How To Survive Infidelity | Dr. Doug Weiss

When you find out he cheated, you will have a wave of emotion and pain. Your trauma is legit and real.

The tips in this video will help you learn how to cope with infidelity and teach you how to survive an affair.

Yes, a marriage can survive if you want it to, but it will take some work. Furthermore, you will have to take steps to heal yourself regardless of what your spouse does.

Partner betrayal trauma is relational trauma which is created by broken trust, unfaithfulness, and a loss of confidence in your partnership, relationship, or marriage. This trauma can be caused by things like spousal neglect, cheating, infidelity, dishonesty, deception, romantic relationship betrayal, rejection, or other circumstances which cause you to lose faith in your partner or significant other.

If you have been betrayed by your spouse or significant other by infidelity, sex addiction, or intimacy anorexia, you have certainly experienced the effects of partner betrayal trauma. Your trust was abused, betrayal, and discarded. These pages, tests, and resources are just for you.

Your betrayal is real. Your trauma from the betrayal of your partner is very real. It is not just real personally but also real statistically. You’re not the same person before and after trauma. You have been impacted significantly. You most likely have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, depression, and your trust has been violated at every level.

Your partner betrayal trauma is unique to you and your journey to heal will be unique as well. We have tests, three- and five-day intensives, phone counseling, phone groups, books, DVDs, and other resources to help you reclaim your life back. You can join our Facebook recovery groups as well.

Partner Betrayal Trauma Support Groups

You are worth recovery and healing for yourself. Take your time and go through what is offered here for you to heal and reclaim your life.

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