"I Love you" but they Disregard & Ghosted you? don't waist your time, it could be NPD?

Has your steady lover (boy / Girl Friend) suddenly become vague for absolutely no reason you can think of?

They randomly went vague & Ghosted & began Bread crumbing / Ignoring you, not replying to texts, voice messages? it completely Blind sided you, put you a state of shock. (Devalue)

Now they are back with “I love you” “I miss you” but they make no real effort to actually get with you physically (its all talk & nice words & sentences strung together)

Your feeling Anxious & confused to say the least……the very least 🙁

I may have suggested in another Video to why this could be?

I gave you Information about a condition called Romantic Narcissistic Disorder, NPD this is a deep psychological condition.


The person who has this disorder (Romantic Narcissistic personality Disorder) unfortunately ruins the lives of the genuine souls, who fall in love with them.

As they can develop PTSD (post Traumatic Stress Disorder) caused by the severe manner in which they where Abandoned by their perceived Twin Soul, it’s a shock, a victim replays what, why, how could the person they believed would never harm them, after Idolising & perceived to have fallen in love with them too, cause so much mental & physical upset to them. (Anxiety, stress, panic, confusion, insomnia)

Abandoned Victims are often unable to sleep due to Echoes, Flash backs trying to understand what is going on and where they stand, with the person they love who seems to be leading them on, confusing them by saying the complete opposite to what they actually do.

The Genuine Devalued / Disregarded person has become high on Love and Addicted to the Romantic Narcissist, Until they come down from the love Hormones seeping through their Bodies.

The Romantic Narcissist often abandons (Disregards) them seeped in Serotonin & other love hormones, the genuine soul is left high on love and addicted to love (them)

In a previous Videos I gave you information about:

1st part of the Cycle & Traits:
The Love Bomb which includes the traits: Mirroring, Idolisation, Fake Futuring.

I covered the next part of the cycle: The Devalue, which includes the trait Gas lighting.

I have given Information about the classic part in the Narcissists Cycle the Disregard.

This Video is about how the Romantic Narcissist Hoovers (sends Love Messages) to either use you, get you back, or just to Toy with you, they have been leading you on for to long.

If you do return to the Narcissist you will most likely become nothing more than someone they abuse mentally, while they make demands of you.. if not met they will Abandon without a glance back.

Getting Disregarded is actually a very Lucky Escape what you fell in love with was a fake person who was Mirroring you!

They are not your Twin Soul, perfect partner by any stretch of the Imagination.

Source: Youtube