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Are you gripped by lingering trauma, emotional pain or depression that’s been haunting you for years or even decades?

You may even think you’re OK now… you’re dealing with it…. you’ve got it under control.

Maybe you’ve had counselling, or you’ve been prescribed medication to help you manage your depression, anxiety, stress or PTSD.

You tell yourself that you’re getting better slowly… but somehow the darkness still creeps in… the sudden palpitating heart or the sleepless nights… tossing and turning… replaying the trauma over and over again.. you just can’t get away… you can’t seem to escape it…. because it’s never really left you. It’s always there – just under the surface…

Trauma, whether it’s rooted in a sudden physical incident, like a car accident or in longstanding, prolonged trauma… like emotional or sexual abuse… It can grip you for life… it can control your every move, thought, or decision you make in your life.

In this short video, you’ll learn that there is an answer and a way out of the vicious circle that you’re trapped in. There is hope for you to have a normal, peaceful life.

You don’t have to let the pain and suffering keep you in darkness forever. You have choices, options and a way to release yourself from that terrible darkness tugging at your heels.

That’s what I want to share with you now… the Secret to healing yourself.

Within a week you’ll have the answers that you seek… You’ll feel the peace… the glimmer of happiness… and the hope for a “freedom” you thought was long gone.

Nobody really knows what’s in your heart. No counselor, no doctor… no one.

This secret can restore the inner peace, happiness… and a tranquility that you can’t even imagine is possible right now…

It’s within YOU… and ONLY you.

You just need to unlock it.

You’ve probably had other kinds of help. And nothing has worked…

But you…. When you unleash the God within you… the soul within you. After all… your God and your soul lead you here… Right now.

Because there’s a battle raging within you… And when good prevails over evil within your soul…

You’ll be free forever.

Today, you have a choice… It’s an option you’ve never had before.

The choice is to either continue doing what hasn’t worked… It’s never worked and it won’t work sometime in the future.

Or you can discover a way to free your soul from the grips of fear, anxiety and trauma that’s keeping joy, peace, freedom and happiness locked away.

That freedom, peace and happiness is just a week away.
Maybe you can hardly remember it… but it’s still there… and you’re yearning to find it.
To unlock it. To re-experience it.
A solution for PTSD, for depression, for car accident trauma or any other trauma.
This is the solution you’ve been waiting for.
Because there are many ways to describe a return to peace, balance, happiness and well being…
Some believe it’s through a spiritual awakening, some say it’s an epiphany. Some may even describe it as a metamorphosis… or a climax where the light within overcomes the darkness.
But it’s all the same… it’s the same because within you, the darkness is conquered BY YOU. The self. By the your soul that lies within you… waiting to be heard.
The light of your soul will guide you, it will show you the way as it breaks the chains of darkness, the bondage within your own mind, and the bondage to others.
This release transcends anything that can be easily explained. For each person, the darkness is different…
It’s why no doctor, no drug, no therapist nor any mantra has ever worked.
These people and methods can only try to apply what they think will work…looking for common threads… for common solutions.
But YOU are not common. Each person who had experienced an iboga ceremony has had an individual experience. The exact RIGHT experience for them.
And that is at the very core of what you’re being offered here.
A personal, custom tailored solution to the pain, the anxiety, the nightmares, the isolation. It’s custom tailored by your own god self, your soul. A unique experience, a solution that lets the light of inner peace, happiness, freedom and tranquillity shine within you once again.
It’s time to conquer it… your soul knows. It lead you here. Right now.
This extraordinary opportunity, where, during the course of a transformational week at a magnificent retreat, you can welcome the power of your soul’s light to finally overpower the darkness inside, banishing it forever.
Your transformation… your reawakening is the simplest of all.
This iboga experience connects your being-ness with your soul, and spirit… then to the vast oneness of your foreverness… as an entity who has lived many lifetimes in a physical body.

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