Identifying PTSD and Online Therapy

PTSD (short for post-traumatic stress disorder) is a somewhat common anxiety disorder and mental health problem which is typically caused by an initial traumatic event, which then haunts the person and causes them to experience strong emotional stress as well as other unpleasant feelings.

For people with PTSD it is common that they re-experience their initial traumatic event through images, flashback and nightmares. While these may also be accompanied by intense feelings of stress, fear, guilt as well as other physical sensations in the body.

While it’s obviously quite natural for anyone to feel some fear after a traumatic event, people who suffer from PTSD have trouble recovering from their fearful thoughts and feelings. Fear causes the body to react by releasing chemicals in the brain which cause the typical ‘fight or flight’ response.

This is intended to keep people safe from any danger, and will dissipate naturally. When it doesn’t, a person may be diagnosed with PTSD. PTSD causes a person to continue to feel that they are in danger, even when they are perfectly fine.

Years ago, before PTSD was classified as a condition, it was referred to by several common names to explain the condition. It was often called battle fatigue or even shell shock as long ago as the 1940’s.

While PTSD commonly occurs in military personnel, it is not exclusive to combat trauma. PTSD can be caused by any traumatic event, and can occur in people of all races, nationalities and religions.

It is currently believed that three and a half percent of people in the United States suffer from PTSD. It’s also worth noting that women have double the chances of developing PTSD, yet it is not currently known why.

Many people with PTSD tend to be a bit reluctant to seek treatment, yet PTSD doesn’t normally get better on it’s own. It has been found that counseling is especially effective for treating PTSD. Online counseling in particular has also shown to be quite effective in this regard.

The most common type of counseling for PTSD is CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), which can easily be conducted online and doesn’t require in person, face to face counseling.

CBT has shown in several cases to help alter a person’s thoughts and emotions. There are many models of counseling that have been used to treat PTSD, but out of all of them, CBT has shown to be the most effective by far.

The reason that online therapy is great fro treating PTSD is it’s convenience and availability. Having the ability to choose from hundreds of therapists online makes finding the right counselor for much easier.
You can now receive treatment through online counseling through your computer, phone and mobile phone. Some online therapy platforms even allow you to use a special app or text back and forth with your therapist.
With online therapy there are also no waiting for your scheduled appointments, more privacy and no insurance is needed. Online counseling is also far less expensive than face to face counseling. You can also get counseling in off hours, 24 hours a day.

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