I'm a Psychologist: Ask Me Anything | XX Revolution Review Roundup

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In this video I’m answering your questions on psychology while I attempt to put on a full face of makeup! Please note that the information provided in this video is by no means diagnostic and if you feel that you need help you should contact your GP for referral (alternatively, you could contact Samaritans, Aware etc). Additionally, this information is general and should not be taken as treatment advice as it lacks individual specification. This is technically a 2 for 1 video as I’m also giving my overall review of the XX Revolution collection that I purchased (practically a full face of makeup).

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Questions Asked:

Where did your interest in Psychology come from and what made you specialise in behavioural psychology?

Freud: genius or bonkers?

What are great forms of Therapy for someone with PTSD?

Do you think people can be born with depression or be pre-disposed to it from a very young age?

I was told by a psychiatrist once that there was something genetic that makes men violent and women depressed – how true is this?

I have 2 uncles and a nephew on the autism spectrum- could this also be a factor in relation to depression?

What’s the likelihood to inherit anxiety and depression from your parents? How much of it is hereditary, and how much just happens for no known reason?

Do you think having the tech we do now ( compared to say 20 years ago) & news at our fingertips is making people in general more anxious. It all seems to be doom & gloom & horror & atrocities and it’s hard to stay positive these days.

I myself have bipolar 2 disorder which still has a massive stigma attached do think that in the future there will be less of one also what therapies would you recommend to help with my bipolar and anxiety?

What is confidence from a psychological perspective and why is self confidence (seemingly) easier for some than others.

I have ADHD (unmedicated) with aspects of hyperfocus but with increased stressors my anxiety increases and my ability to focus disappears. As a result of that I tend to sink into depression. Do you have any suggestions for cognitive or behavioral therapies that might help?

How do I process the constant trauma and PTSD from being black in in America?

How can cognitive behavioural therapy help someone cope with the negative emotional responses to a past traumatic event?

I was bullied from the age of 3-17. Can you get ptsd from being bullied?

Why do things from your past (even childhood) follow you into adulthood & then affect your behaviour subconsciously?

Why do I sometimes have days where I feel anxious and I have no idea why? No specific event is happening but I still can’t shake the feeling.

Any coping mechanisms for anxiety? Facing things that your brain wants you to run away from?

If you develop anxiety later on in life, is it realistic to expect to live a life without anxiety again in the future, or is it the new normal? I suppose to simplify, can it be overcome, or do you just learn to live with it?

Having anxiety, I have realised often I develop weird habits, for the past two weeks I’ve had such a dry throat and mouth because I keep trying to swallow, is this a tic caused by anxiety? I’m not really sure what else to call it, this is just one thing I’ve done and can’t stop voluntarily, I’ve never thought to ask before because it just sounds so weird.

Being in group situations, be it online or in person, I find it so easy to get caught up in other people’s views and disregard my own. I think a lot of people would agree to this too – why is it so easy to get sucked in, and how do you stop it? I worry about losing myself.

In a recent video on sociopaths and psychopaths, you touched on some of the characteristics of sociopathy – is it possible to learn how to be a sociopath (can somebody pass on these traits)?

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