I'm taking two psychiatric medication – valproic acid and olanzapine

I started taking psychiatric medication at begin grade 9 at burnaby central secondary school. my school referral me to go fraser health authorities. the psychiatrist doctor prescribed me psychiatric medication. I go psychiatric hospital as well too. I go fraser health clinic. even I go to my
family doctor

I have been taking for longest year now. now I’m age 23 years old.
I started taking valproic acid and olanzapine at begin grade 9 while I’m at highschool.
I take only every night before bedtime.
I have take 15 mg of valproic acid. I have take 10 mg of olanzapine .
olanzapine used to treat calm down faster.
valproic acid used to treat bipolar post traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia.
I always take psychiatric medication for longest year at my life!!!

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