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There are multiple types of anxiety and nearly an infinite number of causes that are unique to each person.

This video is on a specific underlying cause called “Inner Child Driven Anxiety” – this anxiety is caused by unresolved childhood trauma and unresolved emotions and feelings from being unheard, unsafe or unacknowledged. This subject matter goes much deeper and more intertwined than this, but if you are someone who is non-responsive to treatment then this may shed some light on why.

We work with many people who struggle with this form. If they are opened willing to hear their Inner Child and work through what requires acknowledgment the anxiety and all the therapies they had done prior to this almost instantly result in resolution and elimination of the anxiety pattern.

Many times there are moments, multiple moments and even chronic feedback loops that were embedded in childhood then reinforced as an adult. People can have chronic anxiety, and others get set off by a “trigger” though the trigger only brought to the surface what was buried and present all long.

This can be done on your own, however some people can have a difficult time knowing how to do this and where to begin. We do offer Inner Child Sessions via tele-sessions if this is something you have challenges with.

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