What is now called PTSD was once
known as nostalgia –

what is now known as nostalgia
is confusingly deemed a fondness;

such fondness was never ever real,
how could it be? Shellshock: another name.

Shellshock shook that name as war ended
but has war ended? We’re all at war

and all the time. Though all we’ve worn through
all of this is vestiges of shame.

It’s a shame that so much of it can remain,
it’s great the name now does much to explain

that it’s no lack of control but rather control
being forced on you or forced from your hand.

Your hand in all of this is to insist that Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder is never thought of

again as a type of nostalgia; that shellshock
isn’t bravery’s final resting place.

Source: Youtube