Introductory Video – Iram Gilani – Silent No More: An Intimate Portrait of How Trauma Affects Us All

About the Author:
Iram Gilani is a Pakistani-American author who has faced abandonment, physical and emotional abuse, homelessness, and a violent gun assault, but has risen from the depths of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder to be a voice for the abused and marginalized. She speaks out to audiences to raise awareness of the personal and universal effects of trauma, as well as how to help others overcome it. In addition, she mentors young men and women throughout the U.S. on how to make positive choices and find their paths in life. She completed her education at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Book Summary:
Whether you are a trauma survivor of any kind or a loved one of a survivor, this book is for you. In Silent No More, Gilani carries her readers through an honest exploration of suffering and survival as it affects us all. By drawing upon her personal experiences, she shines a light on the tumultuous landscape of trauma as a whole. The societal forces shaping human behavior across time and cultures. The powerful ways in which we all influence one another, through our worst mistakes and our warmest compassion. How trauma touches our minds and hearts, rendering us as vulnerable to pain and suffering as we are to shared strength and joy.

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