Is This Assault, Good Technique Or Both? LEO Round Table T2019 S04E28d

01:06 U.S. plans controversial immigration enforcement operation
06:33 Post-trauma PTSD retreat for first responders
09:09 Beverly Hills cops win $1.1 million after suing police chief
11:35 Video of MD cop kneeing handcuffed suspect, charged

LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show)

Season 4, Episode 28d (924 total) filmed on 07/15/2019

Chip DeBlock (Host)
Ward Meythaler (attorney and former Federal Prosecutor)
John Newman (retired a/police Chief)
Ron McMullen (retired police Major)
David D’Agresta (retired police Officer & sheriff’s Corporal)

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Topic 1 concerns the United States’ highly controversial planned immigration enforcement operation being pushed by President Donald Trump.

Topic 2 concerns the West Coast Post-trauma Retreat six-day residential program for first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other stress-related conditions. The article also makes reference to the First Responder Support Network (FRSN) and Dr. Joel Fay.

Topic 3 concerns four (4) Beverly Hills (California) Police employees (3 lieutenants and 1 civilian worker) being awarded $1.1 million by a jury. The award was related to a harassment and retaliation lawsuit they filed against Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli.

Topic 4 concerns a video of Montgomery County (Maryland) Police Officer Kevin Joseph kneeing handcuffed suspect Arnaldo Andres Pesoa after he spit on the officer’s shoe. Officer Joseph has been charged with assault and placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.

Source: Youtube