Is VA Claims Insider a Scam? This Veteran Spouse Shares Her Story

VA Claims Insider is NOT a Scam. They are a wonderful Veteran Owned organization that has helped over 15,000 Veterans get the VA benefits they deserve. VA Claims Insider is a BBB Accredited Education Company since 2016 with an A+ Rating.

In today’s video, the spouse of a VA Claims Insider Member shares her heart warming story of the struggle they faced with the often confusing VA claims process.

She outlines the previous denials they received, dealing with VSOs, the DAV, and other service organizations and how that all changed once they found VA Claims Insider.

Q: Is VA Claims Insider a Scam?
A: No, VA Claims Insider is absolutely NOT a Scam. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of a scam. Why? Because Veterans get a ton of proprietary resources for FREE up-front as a member. The membership fee is only due (6x the monthly increase) if and only if a Veteran wins their VA claim and gets a higher rating as a result of our services and resources.

Q: What do you get as a VA Claims Insider Elite Member?
A: Here’s a sampling of the resources a Veteran gets as a VA Claims Insider Member:
– A Veteran Coach (VC) who will lead you and walk this journey with you!
– A tailored VA claim STRATEGY for your specific VA disability claim situation
– The education and training needed to empower you to win your claim
– Access and permission to use the members only Mastermind Group on Facebook
– Access and permission to use the members only Elite Experience Portal Plus (EEP+)

If you need some help with your VA disability claim, join VA Claims Insider Elite TODAY and get started on your VA disability claim for FREE:

***Video Timestamps & Resources***

⏩ 00:00 Is VA Claims Insider a Scam?
⏩ 00:15 The Myers Family Journey with VA Claims Insider
⏩ 02:30 Lessons learned going through the (confusing) VA claim process
⏩ 03:28 When the second VA claim got denied…
⏩ 04:05 VSOs couldn’t help us and turned us away
⏩ 05:00 Brian Reese and VA Claims Insider is NOT a Scam
⏩ 06:00 VA Claims Insider is 100% worth the value of the membership program
⏩ 07:15 The education and empowerment of VA Claims Insider is UNMATCHED
⏩ 10:00 VA Insider doesn’t just stop after you win your claim

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