Issa Wig- Post Traumatic Slave Disorder/Syndrome – Willie Lynch Letter

:57 (Skip) I was in my feelings 1:17 $27.99 Wig 1:47 Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome / Disorder 2:05 PSTD Results from Growing up in the Hood 2:21 Society Over Sexualizes Black Women 3:02 Post Traumatic Disorder/ Syndrome EXAMPLES 3:50 Distorted Self Image 4:42 IDK Why Whites Are so Angry with Us 5:06 Whose Blacker in America? 5:50 Freedom of Speech Under Attack in America 6:23 Multi-Generational Oppression 7:04 Why We Still 13%-15% of the population, but we SUPPOSED to have so many kids? 7:18 Black Women Lead Households! 7:31 Field Slave vs. House Slave 8:02 Thanx other Ethnicities 4 Help 8:54 Willie Lynch EXAMPLES Old Male Vs. Young Male 9:07 Welfare System in Kept Black Males Out of Homes or Women Would Loose Home or Help from Government 9:23 Both Black Males and Black Females want to Lead the Household 9:43 Looking and Lusting after Blacks 10:11 Black Women Raped 10:32 Native Americans Are GONE! 10:47 Japanese Built Railroad 11:12 Failed the Children by Taking History Out or Not Being Honest About It 11:17 University Rapes 11:43 We Created a Society of Kids Who Believe in Freedom No Matter the Color
-Welcome to Black History Lesson 101 Real Fast, just bringing the heat in a way that can moves us forward in a peaceable way xoxo love yall

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