James Sprecher Interview

James Sprecher, Sgt USA MP was injured by an IED August 1st of 2004 in Iraq and suffers from PTSD and TBI as a result. His best friend and battle buddy, SGT ROBERT “SHARK” WAGNER was killed in the encounter. In this video professional Race driver and Racing For Heroes team member Joe Scarbrough, (veteran USCG,) interviews Racing For Heroes team member James Sprecher about his years-long struggle with PTSD and TBI.

Today James is dedicated to helping other veterans deal with PTSD and TBI. He uses his 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger, named Dorothy, with a Big Block Chrysler “Mopar“ engine to engage veterans in racing and competition as a way to help them find purpose and mission and to have a better life. He bought his Dodge in 1994 while on active duty stationed at Ft Lee and after 25 years it is now actively competing.

The founders and key individuals in the racing for heroes organization all personally suffer from PTSD and TBI. They build and maintain their racecars out of their own pockets so that all donations to the organization go directly toward Racing For Heroes primary focus on suicide prevention, through assistance to disabled combat veterans with PTSD and TBI. Racing For Heroes aims to help fill the gap left by inadequate resources for Disabled Veterans through advocacy, engagement, and racing. They utilize motorsports and community to empower and enable Veterans within their families and communities. They bridge the civilian/Veteran divide by taking advantage of the common passion of racing and competition.

James Sprecher joined the Army MP Corps when a junior in High School and went on active duty in 1990 two weeks after graduating. He was active duty until 1998 and then joined the reserves. In 2006 he was discharged after his IED related injuries.

Source: Youtube