Janet Homan – Trauma – "Not all wounds are visible"

Healing “the invisible wound” – Trauma.

We will all experience some type of trauma in our lifetime. In South Africa alone, there are approximately 56 million people, and if we analyze the top 6 traumatic incidents occurring now, in 12 years, every South African will have experienced or witnessed at least one of the top 6 traumas.

Most health practitioners recognize PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), but a more insidious trauma has gone unrecognized for generations – Complex Trauma.

Complex trauma is when children/adults experience or witness repetitive distressing events over a period of time, involving neglect, physical, emotional, verbal, sexual harm, or substance abuse, from the very people they deem “trustworthy” or their caregivers.

Complex trauma causes the brain to deregulate and activates its “alarm signals” known as our “fight, flight or freeze mode. If left untreated over a prolonged period, fear, anxiety and lack of trust become the body and minds “norm,” affecting a victim’s future relationships, job opportunities, social skills and in some cases causing a perpetuating circle of complex trauma within family units.

For many, traditional mind therapy alone may not alleviate a victim’s entire trauma, as trauma is not only held in our minds, but also in our body cell memory.

Join me in discovering how hypnosis coupled with body cellular memory techniques has helped many of my clients to become survivors and live, laugh, and love life!

Source: Youtube