Jared Wosmek: My Story, A Life Fulfilled (Police / First Responder Stories)

Hey Friends, I’m a professional Artist and public speaker. I’m also a former Police Officer (Field Training Officer / Defensive Tactics Instructor / SWAT Officer / Mental Health Crisis expert / Gang Officer / Detective / Crisis Negotiator). I had to leave my Law Enforcement career of 18 years because of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). This is a story I originally shared with fellow community members in the town I grew up in (New London, MN). I wanted to share it with you. I’m still working on me to move forward and heal. I’m doing my best to “Walk the walk.” I’d like to share my journey to help bring some understanding to the life / job of an officer / first responder. Even though this is my journey to CPTSD, I feel a number of people can relate to trauma. Nobody is immune from the effects of trauma and I would like to show people that they are not alone and things can be better. Look for future content surrounding a number of issues related to trauma in First Responders yet relevant to everyone.

Source: Youtube