Jason Nelson’s Exhale: A Story of PTSD Recovery

Through his recovery as a burn survivor, Jason found his true calling to help other individuals and organizations understand the plight associated with PTSD and provide a place to recover.

Exhale PTSD Recovery is a residential treatment program that was inspired from a desire to provide advanced treatment to survivors suffering with PTSD through a trauma-specific model. This means we intend to focus on treating the unresolved trauma directly because traumatic experiences are often the driving force beneath most addictions, depression and anxiety disorders, as well as relationship challenges that have emerged from attachment wounds. Our staff is a community of wounded healers – a specialized gathering of practitioners who have survived and recovered from trauma. We aim to carry forward a message of healing and hope to those who currently struggle.

If you struggle or a loved one struggles with PTSD, you’re not alone.

1 (866) 994-PTSD (7873)

Source: Youtube