Jemele Hill Remembers Her First $1M Check, Black Folks Having "Broke PTSD" (Part 16)

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In this clip, Jemele and Vlad started out discussing the importance of managing your money when you come into a sizable amount of wealth, and Jemele pointed to LeBron getting a $90 million deal with Nike when he was 18. Jemele also shared her own story of coming into wealth and making her first 7-figure paycheck, which she admitted was a little scary. She explained that Black people live with “broke PTSD,” and she shared the story of her manager cussing her out for paying cash for a new Benz for her mother instead of leasing. To hear more, including Jemele speak about Magic Johnson regretting not taking Nike stock in the early 80’s, hit the above clip.

Source: Youtube