Jesse Gould: A Plant Medicine Playbook For Trauma | Daniel Cleland Podcast #13

For this podcast, I am joined by Jesse Gould and my partner Melissa Stangl, Co-Founder of Soltar Healing Center. Jesse Gould is the founder and president of the Heroic Hearts Project (, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping military veterans around the world heal PTSD, addiction, depression, and anxiety with psychedelic treatment, specifically ayahuasca. In this episode, Jesse shares the journey that led him to psychedelics and why he built a business that provides veterans access to plant medicine. We get into his time as an Army Ranger, his transition to corporate life, and how he pivoted to passion-based work. Jesse gives us the low down on the importance of psychedelic therapy versus traditional therapy and how it will change the way we treat mental illness forever. Please enjoy this important conversation with movers in the plant medicine space.

Source: Youtube