Jesus & The Robot – The PTSD Kitten

Combat Stress: The Musical (2015)

The PTSD Kitten

what does ptsd and kittens have in common, can you guess? yes, they are both cute and cuddly and loved from afar at best. oh, the sympathetic hearts will bleed and go out to them, maybe even donate some money or buy a ribbon but you shouldn’t get too close or let them into your home, they’ll scratch up your furniture and destroy your garden gnomes. christ, they’re tearing up everything, making a mess of your things, now it’s in the corner crying hysterically. just a moment ago, it was as happy as could be, climbing the walls and chasing a shadow, now it looks angry. clearly the veteran suffered trauma, ptsd of course comes with issues, tell us are you put off from the effects of abuse? this isn’t what you had expected, the idea looks much different than the reality, your patience, compassion and understanding can only find a home in fantasy. it’s up all night and making noise, shedding and smelling up the place, rescues and veterans can be found in shelters, shell shocked, staring off into space. beware of the ptsd kitten, mewing and hissing, looking for blood. beware of the ptsd kitten, it only wants your love.

Source: Youtube