June is PTSD Awareness Month

Over 50% of women will experience trauma at some point in their lifetime, and they are exposed to the types of trauma (e.g., sexual abuse and assault, domestic violence, childhood maltreatment and neglect) that result in a higher risk for developing mental health challenges like depression and anxiety.

The interpersonal nature of the trauma that women are exposed to is why women are also at higher risk for experiencing traumatic stress and developing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which can be chronic and severe. In fact, women experience symptoms of PTSD for a longer duration than men.

Effective treatment is available! Seek out a clinician that is trained in working with trauma survivors, traumatic stress, and trauma-related disorders.

At the Center for Trauma-Sensitive Psychotherapy, we specialize in working with women who’ve experienced interpersonal trauma.

Source: Youtube