Kaitlyn Maurer

This graphite portrait was drawn by Theresa Clower. The narrative about Kaitlyn’s life was collected and written by Barbara Francois, board members for INTO LIGHT.

The national nonprofit organization INTO LIGHT, which is dedicated to reducing the stigma and shame associated with drug addiction through the power of art, showing in the Malone Art Gallery (MAG) until February 12, 2021. INTO LIGHT aims to share exhibits in every state of the United States, and university partnerships create forums for sharing stories, providing support, and offering education and activities that address the drug epidemic. The purpose of the INTO LIGHT project is to honor the lives of those who have died from drug addiction in their entirety, rather than defining these lives only by the disease of addiction and their cause of death.

The narratives for this series were read by students from APO, Malone University’s Honorary Theatre organization.

Source: Youtube