Kashmiri Youth under Siege | Special Report 12-8-2021| Freedom for All WebTV

Today, the world observes the International Day of Youth. It aims to promote ways to engage youth in becoming more actively involved in making positive contributions to their communities. Whereas in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, innocent civilians in particular the educated youth are being killed ruthlessly by Indian forces during fake encounters, cordons & search operations that go unabated amidst the fresh tide of Coronavirus. Shotgun pellets have been used as a crowd control method in Kashmir since 2010. More than 6,221 people received pellet gun injuries just in the last seven months.

The Indian army has killed over 50 Kashmiris since January 2021 in fake encounters in the name of so-called security operations against the innocent Kashmiri civilians. Young men including minor children are murdered in broad daylight using brutal and indiscriminate force. The Kashmiris claimed a total of 41,000 lives in the past 27 years which means an average of 4 deaths daily in the state or 1519 casualties every year.

The constant tension between the Indian army and the civilian population appears to be leaving a lasting humanitarian impact. A May 2016 survey by Médecins Sans Frontières found that 45 percent of the population in the Kashmir valley were under “significant mental distress” and nearly one in five Kashmiris showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Strikes, protests and curfews have also shut down schools for long stretches, while clashes have interrupted jobs and livelihoods.
This is the life of Kashmiri youngsters who have no idea what will be their life in the future and what will they gain from the ruthlessness of the Indian Army. The only thing they knows is that they have to achieve Kashmir’s Freedom for the future for their beloved ones, otherwise the identity of Kashmir will be vanished by the hands of shameless Indian forces.

Source: Youtube