Kate's Story

Kate is a newly certified peer support specialist. She’s passionate about helping others on their path to recovery, and sharing her story to inspire others to never give up. Kate, who holds a master’s in education, was happily married, gainfully employed, and actively engaged in service projects designed to improve education access for disadvantaged children. Her world came tumbling down after a traumatic, abusive experience that led to severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use. As her PTSD and substance abuse persisted, Kate found herself jobless, homeless, incarcerated, and abused. After multiple attempts at seeking help, she finally found Jennifer, a peer support specialist who led her to Family Preservation Services of North Carolina. Thanks to her community of support, including Jennifer and Family Preservation Services, Kate is living each day to the fullest and is actively inspiring others in their journeys to recovery.

Source: Youtube