Lag Ja Gale – a Soldier’s perspective. -Voice by Dhanjay

As a result of duty assignments, members of the armed forces are often separated from their families for lengthy periods of time and sent to distant, dangerous, or unknown locations. A family that loses the active presence of a parent through separation faces significant challenges and stress during their day to day life.
The effects of long separation can extend far beyond the service member. himself. Children and other family members can struggle with challenges resulting from an absent parent or spouse.The mental health of the returning service member also affects the children and indeed the whole family.
Children of the soldiers are especially exposed to situations of terror and horror during any active duty engagements in conflict zone – experiences that may leave enduring impacts in post-traumatic stress disorder. Severe losses and disruptions in their lives lead to high rates of depression and anxiety in those children.

Our soldiers are making a great sacrifices while serving the nation.


Source: Youtube