Leave No One Behind

Let’s have a conversation about the peers we have in police services, or police service members and their families, suffering in silence and unable to identify what is going on.

🔘 The doors close even if pulled on
🔘 The behaviour continues despite the consequences
🔘 We are very hard on each other
🔘 There are so many hidden police service members suffering
🔘 This must be about all of us

It’s not okay, and it can’t continue this way. Police members are part of our community and they have the same issues our community has. We need to start using person-first language, talking about health outcomes, and continuing to nurture ourselves and our community so that everyone can get help when they need it and no one is left behind.

If you are a Canadian law enforcement member, learn more through the Canadian Police Knowledge Network’s course on Drug Stigma Awareness for Law Enforcement.

Learn how person-first language helps reduce stigma at www.capsa.ca/resources

Source: Youtube